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Rent Out Your Real Estate Quickly? 

Do you have a second home, is your current home for sale, or are you planning to invest in other real estate? Look no further, because Twents Vast is here for you!

Twents Vast is your specialized partner for both temporary and permanent rental of your real estate. Our extensive network of potential tenants allows us to quickly rent out your living space. Want to maximize your real estate investment return? We can assist you. With a non-binding advisory conversation, we inform you about the possibilities and conditions. 

What can you expect from Twents Vast?

  1. Expert Advice: Our experts are ready to provide you with non-binding advice to inform you about the rental options and conditions. 
  2. Online Visibility: Your real estate property is automatically published online on our website and various other relevant platforms through advertisements. 
  3. Careful Selection: We find potential tenants and introduce them to you. You have the final say in who becomes your future tenant. 
  4. Viewings and Agreements: We accompany potential tenants during viewings and draw up a solid lease agreement, in consultation with you. 
  5. Check-In and Check-Out: Twents Vast provides a detailed report of the check-in moment when the tenant moves into the space. During check-out, we ensure the space is returned in the same condition.  

Want more information or a personal conversation? 

Contact us by phone at 053 431 3061
or by email at [email protected].


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